-ism [iz′əm]
[ME -isme < OFr & L -isma (< Gr) & -ismus (< Gr -ismos): orig. suffix of action or of state, forming nouns from verbs in L -izare, Gr -izein] suffix forming nouns
1. the act, practice, or result of [terrorism]
2. the condition of being [pauperism]
3. action, conduct, or qualities characteristic of [patriotism]
4. the doctrine, school, theory, or principle of [cubism, socialism]
5. devotion to [nationalism]
6. an instance, example, or peculiarity of [Gallicism, witticism]
7. an abnormal condition caused by [alcoholism]
8. belief, attitudes, actions, or conduct characterized by prejudice or bigotry related to [ageism, classism, sexism]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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